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August  2017
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Welcome to Adrian's Walls.  We specialise  in the finest quality impact  resistant resin buildings, walls, ramparts, battlements and terrain tiles for the Miniature Warfare enthusiast and gamer.  Here at Adrian's Walls we enable you to purchase all of our items in only  one format  -  PAINTED TO SHOWCASE STANDARD.   We believe  that you and your  painted figures  (and vehicles etc) deserve to be able to game "straight from the box" with  exquisitely painted  buildings and terrain.  That is why  we are proud to claim that our  products are   ... terrain worth fighting over.......


LATEST NEWS:  Come and see us at the next show - Claymore in Edinburgh - Saturday 5th August.  Available now in the shop -  more fantastic additions 55 Days at Peking - Superb Chinese/Asian resin buildings range - Shrine Pack, Bamboo Fence Pack & Animal Pen Pack.   

Unpainted Options - Many of our customers have asked us if we would supply our Buildings Ranges as unpainted.  Well, we have listened to you and are pleased to announce we can offer this as a service.  For more information please read our Unpainted Page in our Showcase.

Looking for our Frozen City, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk/Dieselpunk Products?  Please click here....