Adrian’s Walls MDF Building and Painting Service

If you have any un-built and/or unpainted MDF buildings gathering dust...and feel you may never get around to building and painting them...then why not get us to build and paint them for you!

We offer a full build and/or painting service for MDF products at very competitive prices.  You can either order any ‘Sarissa Precision’ MDF item, already assembled and painted directly from us...or send any MDF manufacturers products to us for assembly and/or painting.  

Obviously each commission will vary in cost but a guideline price to build and paint an item would be approximately 200% of it’s base retail cost.   For example, if you have a Sarissa Streets of Rome ‘Temple’ building which you bought for £35, then we would charge you £70 to build and paint it (based on original manufacturers RRP).  Your fully built and painted product would then be well packaged and returned to you.  Return Postage and Packing will obviously be dependant on the size/weight of the commission and the shipping destination.  We ship worldwide so distance no object.

Items will be painted to our usual Showcase Standard and all colour scheme requirements will be discussed prior to commission commencing.  

For a no obligation discussion and quotation for your requirements please contact our team here...