55 Days At Peking

Release Date    February 2017


Our fabulous 28mm. 55 Days At Peking Range of Chinese and Asian Buildings are available now.  Inspired by both historical and Hollywood influences, we aim to bring you the very best of pre-painted resin castings for this era.

To celebrate both our third anniversary and the launch of  this exquisite range we are offering our own exclusive KickBoxer Collection.

This will comprise of the whole range of castings, flag sheets, complimentary rule set and more...

The complete collection of castings will be cast and available throughout 2017 and will  comprise of the following...

Level 1 - Village Set

3x Peasant Huts (2 variants)

1x Bamboo Fencing Pack

1x Small Shrine

1x Animal Shack and Lean-to Pack

4x Different Boxer Rebellion Flag Sheets


Level 2 - Town Set (upgrades Level 1 to a Chinese Town)

2x 2 Storey Shop/Dwellings

1x Town Walls Pack

1x Barricade Pack

1x Statues Pack (contains 2 Foo-Dog Statues)

1x “Victorian Steel” Colonial Rule Set


Level 3 - City Set (upgrades Level 1 & 2 to a Chinese City)

2x 2 Storey Buildings (different buildings than in Level 2)

1x (Ruined) Town Walls Pack

1x Dragon Temple

2x Debris Barricade Packs


Level 4 - Peking Set (upgrades all previous Levels into Peking)

1x Legation

1x Legation Wall Pack

2x Bridges

1x Barricade Pack

1x Rock and Boulder Pack

How our Kick-Boxer Instalment Plan works...


It comprises of the 4 levels above that build your collection over the year.  It starts with Level 1 - Village Set and then your collection builds 1 level at a time.  Each level builds on the previous one by adding different castings to “upgrade” your exquisite and expanding collection.  We will be shipping all UK orders every 3 months - a level at a time so you get to game with a complete set until the next instalment arrives.  The whole collection will be complete over 12 months and each level’s pieces will be showcased before it’s release date.  An example of this are some of the village photos seen here as well as items such as our existing Governors’ Residency which will form part of the Legation in Level 4.  For non-UK destinations, orders will be shipped every 6 months - 2 levels at a time.


All the castings will be available to purchase individually, like all of our products, however, we will only be offering 20 of these complete exclusive Kick-Boxer Collections.  Some of the castings in these collections will feature unique and bespoke paint/colour-ways that will not be available in the general range.


The full retail price of  our Kick-Boxer Collection would be £1100, if purchased separately.  By joining our Kick-Boxer instalment plan the total cost is just £715 (payable by £55 per month x13 months).   This price includes all shipping to all worldwide destinations (any local/national taxes are paid by the recipient).


To register your interest please email our team info@adrianswalls.co.uk