If you wish to own a


Frozen City Metropolis Set


- including the free & exclusive giveaway castings -

And you wish to spread the cost.....

You can do so...!


4 payments of £81...or 6 payments of £56 will get you an assortment of the castings every 4 weeks*.

By week 13...or week 21...you will receive all of the castings included in the range (product codes FCB-01 to FCB-08)


Our Flagstone Gaming Mat (FCB-09)


Free Exclusive Giveaway Castings

Please email our team at info@adrianswalls.co.uk


* Please note: The £81 or £56 only refers to UK delivery destinations.  For any non-UK deliveries please email our team at: info@adrianswalls.co.uk

Frozen City Monthly Instalment Plan